The electrification of Africa: the challenge and the battles ahead

The many experts who have studied this immense undertaking have clearly stated that the continent’s stepping out of the “shadows” will require numerous resources. Financing relies on the raising of colossal sums, funds that will never come from one single source. One of the players in this arena is French politician Jean-Louis Borloo, who is sparing no efforts to help bring about Africa’s electrification. His work may serve as an example for North American investors and philanthropists. It should be noted that many North Americans followed President Obama’s “Power Africa” initiative and raised several billion dollars. The cost of investment is one of the main obstacles to resolving Africa’s energy crisis, with estimates ranging from $40 billion to $400 billion, depending on the source. These vast sums are justified by the fundamental lack of infrastructure as well as the cost of inital investment for several resources. This can only serve as an incentive to contribute to this great adventure, as do the fairly high returns on investment, ranging from 15% to 25% according to the sector of activity.

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