Founded in 1995, Afrique Expansion is a communication firm with a mission to develop partnerships between African and Canadian businesses. The firm provides a full range of advisory services in the field of governmental and public relations to private, public and parapublic organizations interested in African markets. The firm has developed solid expertise in institutional communication and in promoting the brand image of African countries and products in North America. Afrique Expansion’s multidisciplinary team possesses a range of diverse, complementary and unique areas of expertise, as well as a proven ability to take swift, effective action. The firm also calls on numerous specialized collaborators who lend their talents as needed.

Since 1998, the group also publishes a business review, Afrique Expansion Magazine (AEM), which has become the North American publication of reference for economic information on Africa. Acclaimed for its quality content and unique reports, AEM promotes commercial trade and business partnerships between Africa and North America. The magazine also serves to make North American companies more aware of business and investment opportunities in Africa.


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