The agri-food industry in Africa is no myth

All the data published over the past decade is unequivocal. In a study on the roles and opportunities for the private sector of the agri-food industry in Africa, the opinion of the United Nations Development Programme’s African Facility for Inclusive Markets (AFIM) is rather instructive. “Africa remains a strategic continent for the world’s agri-food industry […]

Partnerships at the core of Africa’s electrification

Intended for governments, agencies and investors, the latest report by the Africa Progress Panel (APP), titled “Lights, Power, Action: Electrifying Africa,” suggests interesting and inspiring directions by “providing pertinent information and useful, complementary analysis designed to propel new, ambitious public and private initiatives.” For the report’s authors, it is necessary to “guarantee everyone access to […]

Digital technology: an assurance of development

Several international gatherings have established a close causative relationship between Africa’s newfound growth and its digital coming of age. At last year’s World Economic Forum on Africa in Rwanda devoted to this very topic, the data was clear: “For the African economies, the guarantee of universal access to quality Internet must be but an initial […]

The agri-food industry: greater and improved productivity

As part of its Top 5 priorities, and more specifically as regards the priority “Feeding Africa,” our partner, the African Development Bank (AfDB), supports a continent-wide strategy named “Feeding Africa: a strategy for the transformation of agriculture in Africa (2016-2025).” Today, according to AfDB, new techniques and, notably, the use of new information and communication […]

Energy: the electrification of Africa

The electrification of Africa is on the agenda of all the exploratory roundtables on the explosive growth of Africa’s economies. The most ambitious project to date is “Power Africa.” Launched by then-President Obama in Tanzania during his tour of Africa in July 2013, the initiative had called for a five-year deployment in order to support […]

Africa poised for digital development

Based on figures made available at the first edition of the Africa Digital Communication Days (ADICOM Days) show last March in Paris, “Over 70% of Africa’s population consists of youth under 25 years and 41% of urban dwellers. The rate of mobile equipment use has shot up 344% between 2007 and 2016, while access to […]

Forum Afrique Expansion: major development themes – The digital revolution

Some years ago, a report by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) think tank estimated that the Internet’s contribution to Africa’s GDP could reach US$300 billion by 2025. Today, it is widely acknowledged that the continent’s digital revolution requires massive investment in several sectors that are key to development. Investors are turning increasingly to Africa, and […]

Forum Afrique Expansion: a showcase for excellence

The Forum also presents awards to Canadian companies doing business in Africa. These honours are intended to reward those companies that have made outstanding contributions to Africa’s development, whether through job creation, investment in human resources, or involvement in economically viable projects that benefit communities.

Forum Afrique Expansion: an event with a proven track record

Promoting and talking up an event does not in and of itself make it an important event. The personalities and organizations participating play a crucial role in this regard—and then there are the results delivered and promises kept. The key feature of the Forum’s business meetings is the requirement that they yield, as a minimum, […]

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