Shifting into high gear with the digital revolution

The investment needed to truly build up a digital economy is at the heart of this edition of Forum Afrique Expansion. For Fadi Chehadé, president and CEO of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), “there needs to be a new discussion about the opportunities of a digital Africa; a scenario wherein Africa is not satisfied with simply playing catch-up,  but sets out to accomplish real leaps forward.” This becomes all the more pressing when, in gatherings such as the World Economic Forum, things are also realistic. For instance, last year an agreement was signed on stepping up the creation of a Digital Literacy Unit for Youth comprised of young people from across Africa. The Unit would see the day thanks to a one-year program for training and empowering youth from all African countries in the fields of technical expertise, social innovation, advocacy and entrepreneurship that are associated with information and communication technologies (ICTs), with the aim of creating positive spin-offs for their local communities.

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