Many thanks to Forum Afrique Expansion for giving me once again the opportunity to be present as a link between my new home and my native Maghreb. This past summer, I was also privileged to take part in an economic and exploratory mission to Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco. As a result, the businesswoman, the entrepreneur and the citizen of the world in me are full of hope. For Africa is booming: men and women are working side by side to achieve economic growth and social progress in their countries, and they are ready to take their activities to the next level. Thanks to initiatives such as Forum Afrique Expansion, anything becomes possible and a world of possibilities opens up.

You know, when entrepreneurs, governments, associations and financial agencies work together, potential grows exponentially. For Africa, access to the resources and possibilities that Québec offers represents an opportunity for emancipation. Clearly, the business ties between Canada and Africa are promising. Take advantage of this in order to not only forge long-term business relationships, but also to strengthen the bonds that unite us on a human level. Everything is in place for business collaborations that are profitable while respecting the core values of all; I am a firm believer in this!

Esteemed compatriots and members of the business community, here’s wishing you much success!

Danièle Henkel

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